Tomatwo.Com: Your Privacy

This document explains the privacy practices for Tomatwo.Com. We think online privacy is important, so thank you for reading.

Data Collection

Tomatwo.Com provides you with the opportunity to register for an account. To sign up, you will have to provide your email address. You can optionally provide your name, and link various third party services, such as your Google account.

Email Addresses

Your email address will be used for logging you in to your Tomatwo account, and for sending you other transactional emails, such as confirmation that an order you placed has been fulfilled.

You will not be sent any marketing information just because you register for a Tomatwo account. You may be given the opportunity to subscribe to one or more email newsletters, but this will always be on the basis that you explicitly indicate your wish to opt in. If you do opt in, every newsletter email will contain a link which can be used to opt out again, and such opt-outs will always be honoured by us.

Your email address will never be sold or otherwise provided to third parties, except for companies which provide us with outsourced email delivery services. These companies are always carefully vetted, and will be subject a contract requiring them: (i) to keep supplied email addresses confidential, and (ii) not to send any email to supplied email addresses, other than the messages which they send at our explicit request.

Email newsletters may use tracking facilities. This will allow Tomatwo.Com to understand the frequency of: opening emails, forwarding emails, and clicking of links within emails; as well as the times, dates and frequency of such activity.

Third Party Services

To save you remembering a password, it is possible to log on to Tomatwo using various third party accounts. When you do this, the third party will be asked for your name and email address (as well as a unique identifier for yor account). No other information will be requested, and Tomatwo.Com will not access your third party account in any other way; in particular no messages will be posted on your behalf.

In fact, Tomatwo will not ask the third party for any ongoing access to your account, so it would not be possible to breach the undertaking given above.

If you later use an application on Tomatwo.Com which requires more access to your social media account, you will be asked to consent at that time. Tomatwo will never, though, post a message on your third party account where you have not explicitly approved the wording and requested that the message be sent.

Your Name

Providing your name is optional, unless you log on using a third party service, in which case it will be sent to Tomatwo automatically. If you don’t want to provide your name, therefore, you should log on using an email address and password. Your name is collected so you can be addressed in a polite way (‘Dear John’ rather than ‘Dear User’).

Use of Cookies

Tomatwo.Com uses cookies. Cookies are essential to the proper operation of the site, so unfortunately if you object to receiving cookies, you will be unable to use Tomatwo.Com. Cookies are used:

  • to remember which user is currently logged on from your browser;
  • to remember you for a longer period, if you tick the ‘Keep me signed in’ box;
  • to protect the site from certain security threats;
  • to collect statistics about the way the site is used; and
  • to serve you more interesting advertisements than would otherwise be possible.

The statistics and advertisements are provided by Google. You can read Google’s privacy policy here. There is no way to opt out of Google’s advertising completely, because websites which are otherwise free depend on advertising revenue to fund themselves. However, clicking the AdChoices link in the corner of the advert allows you to opt out of much of Google’s data collection.

We use Google Analytics, including the Demographics and Interest Reporting feature. You can opt out of Google Analytics completely. For details, see Google’s opt-out page. You will be asked to install a browser add-on, which will tell all websites (not just this one) not to send any Analytics data to Google.

Messaging and Chat

If you use any messaging service on Tomatwo.Com, you should be cautious about posting personal information. Tomatwo will use reasonable efforts to ensure that your messages are delivered only to their intended recipients (unless you are making a public post, that is, one which is intended to be available to everyone). Security problems are common on the internet, however, and Tomatwo will not be liable if the contents of your message become more widely known. You should also remember that Tomatwo cannot stop the recipient of your message from forwarding it to other people, whether using services on Tomatwo.Com, or using a different service such as email.

Legal Compliance

You should be aware that there are some circumstances in which governments, or the courts, may request Tomatwo.Com to disclose personal data. Tomatwo must of course comply with these requests. It is possible that Tomatwo will not be allowed to tell you that your personal information has been disclosed.

Changes to the Privacy Policy

Tomatwo.Com may make changes to this privacy policy, when these are necessary to correct errors, or because of Tomatwo.Com’s business developing or changing. Such changes will be posted here at least one calendar month prior to any change. If you object to the change you should contact Tomatwo.Com prior to the new policy coming into effect, and then your account and personal data will be deleted. If you do not do this, Tomatwo.Com will handle your personal details according to the new privacy policy.